Friday, 3 February 2017

SAARTHI-A ray of hope

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-A ray of hope 

A little initiative by CA professionals from all over India in the form of E-newsletter which will help the students in updating their knowledge related to latest scenario..
A newsletter -as a helping hand and encouragement to talented  students who all are not getting platform to share their knowledge and views with others.

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Contact Editorial team:-

CA Preity Nagi :-+91-9023246010
Ms. Astha Gada:-+91-9428843861
Mr. Dhruv Patel :-9016692710
Mr. Abhishek kumar:-+91-9547961025

Members :-

Ms.Samridhhi Mandawat(Ahmedabad )
Ms.Shaheen Khan (Kolkata)
Mr. Nishant Chowdhary( Bhubaneswar)
Mr. Shubham Karnavat(Nashik )
Mr. Shreyansh Kothari(Kolkata)
Mr. Rishabh Raj Singh (Kolkata)
Mr. Atul Khurana (Karnal )
Mr. Simrat Singh (Ludhiana)
Mr. Shubham Bora(Ahmednagar)
Mr. Mukund Agarwalla (Cuttack)