Sunday, 4 September 2016

Tribute to our teachers

From childhood to now we spent a lot of moments with people who come in and goes out from our life.
Everyone left some lessons for us. At first, our mother
who give us life . Just because of her love we are here.
Afterwards our family, teachers, friends and all. Everyone has some role in our life.
As a social being, we are learner. Learning has no end. Till a little child also be a great teacher for us.
Teachers are our mentor who always guide us. Whenever we get down, they motivate us. From them we don't have any words. Just because of their trust we can do what we aim. Thanks to everyone for being my teacher, i learn a lot from you.

*Your flame has set ablaze fire in me which will definitely bring the best out of me....*

*Happy Teachers’ Day!!!*